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Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Hair loss or thinning in both men and women may cause problems in terms of appearance and psychological aspects. Nowadays, many methods can be applied to eliminate such problems in hair. Since the natural appearance does not deteriorate after the hair transplantation operation is important for almost everyone, there is great interest in unshaved hair transplantation.

Since shaving the hair area during the operation may cause problems in the work and social life of many people, the participants will usually either postpone or decide to give up. In such cases, the importance of unshaven hair transplantation once again comes to the fore and the person having the application has the opportunity to continue his work and social life without any problems after the operation.

Unshaved Hair Transplantation can be combined with FUE and DHI method. It is usually carried out by transferring healthy shaft-metric hair follicles taken from the nape with special equipment without shaving. The biggest difference of unshaved hair transplantation is, as its name implies, that the treated area is not shaved.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of unshaved hair transplantation?
Unshaved Hair Transplantation is almost the same as standard hair transplantation with FUE method. In this technique, since the hair is not shaved during application, the transplanted area can be hidden by the length of the existing hair. Thus, there is no indication that hair transplantation is performed from outside. Scaling occurs in the scalp in the first week after application, but after about 8 to 10 days this condition improves. The elongation of the cultivated roots continues for up to 3 months. Approximately 1 year in the region of hair transplantation will achieve the desired appearance.