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Painless Hair Transplantation

Painless Hair Transplantation

Needle-free Transplantation
Needle-free hair transplantation technique is a suitable option for patients with hair loss and baldness problems but avoiding support for hair transplantation because of fear of needles. The fear of pain during needle injection is an important factor that is often overlooked but may interfere with the treatment of hair transplantation.

Needle-free local anesthesia technique can be applied in FUE and DHI techniques.

How to apply the needle-free hair transplantation technique?
It is known that some people with needle phobia refuse to have hair transplantation because of the use of needles during anesthesia performed before and during hair transplantation. Needle-free anesthesia with a special jet injector eliminates the need for a needle.

This special syringe makes it possible to anesthetize using a high-speed fluid flow that penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream. This method not only provides comfortable treatment for people with needle phobia, but also provides comfortable anesthesia for all patients by reducing needle pain. In addition, it was found that the anesthesia procedure was faster.

Where do healthy hair roots come from?
Healthy hair follicles are generally taken from the back of the head and nape of the head and transported to the area to be transplanted.

What are the benefits of needle-free hair transplantation?
Today, hair transplantation can be performed without causing pain by using special needle-free anesthesia tools. These special tools allow the anesthetic to reach under the skin with a pressure spray system. Anesthesia performed in needle-free hair transplantation provides psychological relief to the patients and, as experts say, is also technically beneficial.

With the rapid onset of anesthesia using a needle-free syringe, patients feel more comfortable during the procedure. The liquid jet system, which provides the application of needle-free anesthesia, enables the distribution of anesthetic substance to a more stable and wider area in the anesthetized area. Thus, the effect of anesthesia is increased when compared with local anesthesia with injector needle. Needle phobia and therefore people who hesitate to have hair transplantation, thanks to this technique can be easily transplanted.

Moreover, during the needle-free hair transplant operation, the patient can comfortably perform activities such as watching movies, reading books or listening to music.

How is the healing process in needle-free hair transplantation technique?
Since no needles and cutting tools are used in the needle-free hair transplantation technique, incision, suture and grooving applications are not performed on the scalp. Therefore, the recovery process of the patient is much faster than other techniques. However, it is important that the patient does not expose the scalp to sunlight for several weeks after the operation.