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DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI Hair Transplantation

The DHI Hair Transplant (Direct Hair Implant) method, laid by the Greek doctor Konstantinos Giutis and his team, dates back to 1970. In 2016, the DHI method, which took years of research and development, became widespread and became world-renowned. DHI is a variation of the FUE method.

The hair follicles are removed from the donor area by micro motor or manual method and transferred to the waiting area for transplantation by DHI method. The most important feature that distinguishes this method from other hair transplantation applications is the use of a special medical device known as Imp Choi Implanter” and Pen Choi Pen”. The indispensable instrument of the DHI method, Choi Pen, has made the application also called “choi method hair transplantation”. Other known names of the application are “Direct Hair Transplantation” and “Leon Technique”.

One of the most important advantages of DHI method is ir unshaved hair transplantation”. Therefore, this technique, which is applied without having to shave the area to be planted, is known as the favorite hair transplantation method of women.

How is DHI Hair Transplantation Done?
Firstly, as required by FUE method, after the necessary evaluations are made by the specialist physician on the patient, it is determined whether the candidate has suitable properties for the DHI method. The appropriate time period for the transplantation day following compliance is determined by the suitability of the doctor's and patient's schedule. On the day of operation, only the donor area (usually the nape) of the patient is shaved. Grafts containing single, double, triple or quadruple hair follicles begin to be collected by micro motor or manually. The collected roots are placed in the planting area without waiting. At this stage, FUE gets involved in the pen and the hair follicles collected are planted together with FUE

The biggest difference that distinguishes DHI from other hair transplantation methods is that thanks to FUE grooving and hair root placement can be performed at the same time. The cane is opened with the tip of FUEE used in the application and the hair root is placed in the canal and the planting process is completed.

Sensitive Points of DHI Hair Transplantation
Compared to other hair transplantation techniques, DHI technique stands out as a better option for hair transplantation with dense hair follicles. Thus, more natural looking and dense hair can be obtained. In addition, with the help of FUEE it is much easier to adjust the symmetry of the front hairline, which is of great importance in hair transplantation, to extend the hair in its original direction of origin and to open the channels where the hair follicles are placed. All these parameters necessary for a natural result are very easy thanks to FEE but the expertise of the doctor performing the operation is the determining factor in the quality of the procedure.

Because DHI hair transplantation requires special care, the expertise of the physician performing the procedure is very important. There is no reason why the FUEE technique, applied by a specialist doctor and team, does not produce the desired result.