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What should be considered before hair transplant?

Health problems
Before the hair transplant, if you have any health problems or medications you are using, please share with us. It is important for your health that you talk to your doctor about the health problem and get approval for the hair transplant operation.

After obtaining approval from your doctor, stop using blood-thinning medications 3 days before hair transplant.

Day before hair transplant
Since local anesthesia is applied during hair transplant, you should stop taking alcohol and similar substances at least 1 day in advance. Do not smoke the day before the operation because smoking reduces blood flow. Try not to smoke for a week after the operation.

What should you wear on the day of the operation?
You should choose an outfit that you feel comfortable. We recommend a blouse with a wide collar or a buttoned shirt. Because there should be no contact with the planting area after the operation. A wide-necked blouse or shirt prevents this contact.

What should be done for pre-operative preparation?
It is important that you come on a full stomach and well-rested. It is also beneficial to take care of your personal hygiene.

What should be considered during the hair transplant operation?
It is advised not to use mobile phones, talk too much and chew gum. Also, no companion is accepted. Accompanying guests are welcomed in the waiting room.